Vettica is a focused, specialist international team with a wealth of experience in the strategic, commercial and operational management of Multi Modal Transport e-ticketing and Fleet Management systems throughout the world. What we do helps to keep cities and people moving. We work alongside partner to progress an opportunity, develop a bid, secure the contract and project.

We work with our clients as a trusted, accountable senior team with years of global experience and a deep knowledge of the landscape. \r\nWe manage the delicate balance of suppliers, politicians and operators to keep things moving towards a successful outcome, no matter how complex they seem or how problematic they have become.\r\n

Our projects span across the globe from active involvement within\r\nEurope to ventures in South America.\r\n\r\nWe look to invest in companies, technologies and opportunities\r\nemerging from the global Smart Card sector. We’re constantly at\r\nthe edge of our field as it evolves across retailing, mobility, payment\r\nservices and banking.\r\n

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What we do.

The Team.

  • Tim J Cavanagh
    Tim J Cavanagh
  • Jane Walmsley
    Commerical Director
    Jane Walmsley
  • Chris Fowler
  • Steven Dollond

Tim J Cavanagh - CEO

Tim is the CEO and joint owner of Vettica BV and has more than 25 years of experience at senior level in the global transport industry, delivering multi-million pound projects at scale. With a significant reputation internationally, he has a deep understanding of the political, strategic and operational issues, specializing in problem solving and dispute resolution. He consistently helps clients to win bids and he can successfully turn around even the most challenging of projects.\r\n\r\nHe has specific expertise in Smartcard based payment systems and as CEO of East-West e-ticketing BV, he delivered the National OV-Chipcard scheme to the major transport operators in the Netherlands. As CEO of Vettica he has led projects for major Dutch, French and British IT based Public Transport organisations in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. \r\n


Jane Walmsley - Commerical Director

Jane is a Director and joint owner of Vettica BV. She has over 20 years of commercial experience gained in the engineering, aerospace and transport industries having held both Programme and Contract Management positions within them. \r\n\r\nJane holds a degree in Law and oversees all aspects of contract negotiation, legal and financial management, Resource Planning and HR.


Chris Fowler - Consultant

Chris’ association with Vettica dates from late 2015 when he became the Lead Technical consultant working for Recaudo Bogota, installing Fleet Management Systems comprising of over 13,000 buses. Chris has extensive experience working as an economist, statistician, technical expert, project manager and software designer having consulted for AG Solutions, Ericsson and Centrica.\r\n\r\nHe spent over 10 years as the Technical Authority on a transformative London-wide project for Transport for London. He worked at SPS Commerce for 9 years where he worked across programming, systems analysis and software design - eventually becoming head of the Oracle Business Division.


Steven Dollond - Consultant

Steven has a long association with Vettica but has worked on specific client assignments since 2011 including as an independent consultant working for Recaudo Bogota where he oversaw all aspects of contract negotiation and project management for the fare collection concession in Bogota, Colombia. \r\n\r\nHis knowledge of automatic smart card fare collection systems is unrivalled having led projects from the initial tender to final system acceptance for clients that include Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Dutch National Railways. An expert in complex contract negotiation, he has nearly 30 years public transport consulting experience, having worked for Taylor Woodrow, Thorn, Midlands Electricity, British Rail and London Underground.\r\n\r\nAs a management consultant he has built financial models and carried out risk analysis for his clients. Steven is an Oxford scholar and a Harvard MBA Graduate who has also studied law and computer-based information systems at MIT.


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